Water Filling and Packing Machine

Water Filling and Packing Machine

2020年11月28日 1 作者 Chinabowei

A water bottling machine is simply a machine used to fill plastic bottles with mineral or purified water. These machines usually function in three major processes which include:

  •  Washing the bottle,
  •  Filling the bottle with water,
  •  Sealing or capping the bottle.

They are quite effective and have a lot of advantages to the water bottling plants. The benefits include cost-effectiveness as labor costs can be averted, efficiency, reduced contamination, high speed and boosted productivity.


There are different factors to consider when choosing a water bottling machine and they include; Speed and flexibility, capacity, the volume of the bottles, Power consumption, its dimensions so as to know the required space to fit it and the weight.


To understand more about water bottling machines we will need to look at the various types of bottling machines and how they work.

Semi-automatic washing filling and capping machine

This machine as the name clearly states does three functions washing, filling and capping of the water bottles. However, there is a slight difference compared to the automatic one. Being semi-automatic some of the processes will have to be carried out manually. It requires a person to manually place the bottles in the rinsing machine, and then after they are washed collect them and place them in the filling machine. From here, the automatic filling process takes place. On completion of the process, the person will then be required to cap the bottles manually.


Fully automatic rinsing filling capping machine

This type of water filling machine is fully automated and requires no manual work in the process of rinsing, filling and capping. The machine does all the work from the beginning to the finish. They have a bottle washer, filler, and capper. These types of machines are quite effective for water bottling plants with mass production requirements. They are also advantageous in that they ensure that there is limited water wastage and also perfect hygienic products.


Fully automatic linear washing filling and capping machine

Linear means a straight line and therefore linear motion can be described as a movement in a straight line. This is an overview of what a linear washing filling and capping machine do. There is an entry and an exit sort of movable desk where the bottles move in a linear direction and the processes of washing, filling and capping done at different stages till the exit. You should note that this type of water bottling equipment requires no manual washing or capping of the bottles.

Sachet/pouch water packing machine
A sachet packing machine is quite different from its counterparts in that it uses a bag or a sachet. They are mostly used for fruit juice and milk but also to package water. A sachet packing machine fills the bag or sachet with water and then heats seals the bag preventing any water leakage. To ensure no contamination since they use ultraviolet sterilization hence giving you a healthy product. They are preferred in some countries because of their environmental friendliness as less plastic is used. These water filling machines also provide cheap and affordable water products and occupy little space in the water bottling plant compared to regular bottles.