Advantages Of Capital Intensive Compared

Advantages Of Capital Intensive Compared

2020年11月28日 0 作者 Chinabowei

Advantages Of Capital Intensive Compared To Labour Intensive Production In Reference To Water Filling Machine

With the world moving away from the olden ways and embracing the use of technology especially in making work more accurate and easier, automation in the packaging process provides benefits to the packaging person/company.

The following are the reasons why we should embrace the use of water filling machine

Ease in use

All water filling machines come with a guide and an easy to use operator interface. The touchscreen at the interface allows the operator to customize it by entering various times and amounts necessary to complete a cycle. This ease of use will be cumbersome if one is to physically several bottles of water in numerous amounts.

Diversity in use

A water filling machine can be used to package different beverages/products to different bottles. Most of the water filling machines require simple adjustments to change from one bottle type to another or one product to another. This would not be achieved easily with manual filling especially where product viscosity and bottle sizes have great variations.


Once the market demand reaches a certain high level, the production demand is proportionally affected, and thus, the ability of the water filling machine to adjust to such changes makes it advantageous over the manual filling of water bottles. Except for wear and tear, machines do not get tired, unlike human beings. Hence the use of water filling machine facilitates constant, flexible and faster running of services.

Reliable Fills

The use of water filling machine promotes consistency and reliability in the filling process. The producer/ company will not have to look for other ways of getting to know the volume of the fill or using other criteria. The water filling machine ensures that each cycle is completed in the same manner. Consistency and reliability that would be hard to achieve by hand filling the bottles can easily be achieved with this machine.

Room for change

Most water filling machines are manufactured with future growth potential in mind. There is always room for simple additions to water filling machines such as other fill heads that will allow the equipment to grow with the business. This may pose a challenge, especially with labor-intensive production, as usual; the man is resistant or slow to change.

Cheap cost of production

Acquisition of a water filling machine is a one-off thing that when the machine is bought, it will require a few people to control it thus reducing the cost of production, unlike manual filling whereby the cost of production will increase with the increase in the market demand.